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Wisdom for the Workplace

“If you cannot manage yourself, you cannot manage the world around you

Philosopher A. Parthasarathy, founder of the Self-Management program

What is Self-Management?

The Self-Management program is based on philosophical wisdom, both ancient and modern, eastern and western. Self-Management teaches you to control your mind with thinking and reason. A controlled, clear mind enables you to:

Concentrate and perform better

Reduce stress

Gain clarity in decision making

Find enjoyment in work

Build Mindful Relationships

Realize your true potential

Self-Management is primarily derived from ancient eastern philosophical wisdom that contains universal time-tested principles of life and living. The program also blends in modern, western philosophical thought to create a complete presentation based on humanity’s wisdom of the ages and its practical application to business. 

Swamiji Podium

"A man who adds new meaning to the phrase Business Guru"

Time Magazine, on philosopher A. Parthasarathy

Our Inspiration

The Self-Management program is founded by the 97 year-old philosopher from India A. Parthasarathy, who is widely recognized as the world authority on ancient philosophical wisdom and its role in modern life and business.

In the Press

Our speaker

Gautam Jain, a senior protege of A. Parthasarathy. Earlier in life, Gautam completed a brilliant academic career in the United States, after which he declined lucrative offers from leading multinational corporations and returned to India to learn full-time under Mr. Parthasarathy. Gautam has dedicated three decades to full time study, research and teaching of this wisdom and its practical application to Self-Management.  He has spoken to leading organizations and corporations,  including the YPO (the world's largest CEO organization), Amazon, Apple, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Columbia, Princeton, and MIT.  He currently heads the Self-Management program in the United States.




We have a tough crowd to please but this was the highest rated event of the year. Congratulations.

Education chair, YPO CEO conference, Newport Beach, CA  (YPO is the world’s leading CEO organization)

I have already received VERY positive feedback from the team members on the session.  I personally took a lot that I feel like I could apply right away.

Global division COO, leading US financial institution, NYC

The overall event rated an outstanding 9.63/10. More importantly to me, every person who attended said they had learned something of value which they will apply in their personal, family or business life.

Education Chair, YPO CEO conference, Denver, CO

Programs Offered

Below is a list of topics usually requested by corporations and their teams. We can also customize a program upon specific request by you.

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