“A man who adds a new meaning to the phrase Business Guru“

TIME Magazine on A. Parthasarathy, founder of the Self-Management program

The Self-Management program is founded by the 96 year-old philosopher from India A. Parthasarathy, who is widely recognized as the world authority on ancient philosophical wisdom and its role in modern life and business.

Introducing A. Parthasarathy

A. Parthasarathy

Swami A. Parthasarathy

Mr. A. Parthasarathy and the Self-Management program have been widely featured in leading media worldwide including TIME, Business week and the New Yorker. He is included in the book ‘101 Great Indians’ and is the founder of the Vedanta Cultural Foundation, which has centers worldwide and runs the Vedanta Academy in India. Mr. Parthasarathy has spoken to leading global institutions, corporations and universities for over half a century, including the World Economic Forum, Aspen Ideas Festival, Harvard, Oxford, Microsoft and Google. He  has been a revered YPO resource worldwide for decades. YPO is the world’s largest CEO organization.